• Reviewed by: offersanddeals  on: 2021/6/18 17:49:09
    OVERCHARGED! Didn’t say you couldn’t take leftovers and charged more than double the price! Don’t patronize this place! Took advantage of teens!
  • Reviewed by: xuxiaozhu33  on: 2021/4/10 19:32:55
    wanna complain a waitress who dyed her hair blond, she literally forced us paying at least 15% tips with horrible attitude (we only did 10% because our requests were ignored so many times during the dinner)...this waitress didn't even serve our table...
  • Reviewed by: lindquist.michael  on: 2021/1/29 16:17:55
    Hi I placed an order online, but did not receive a pickup time. Please email me when my order will be ready. lindquist.michael@yahoo.com 707.834.2511
  • Reviewed by: martiano.melo  on: 2020/9/23 16:53:07
    I want to make a reservation I would like to know how to do it. since I went there and I had to thank you.
  • Reviewed by: krishna7774kumar  on: 2020/5/18 2:41:07
    Awesome content in our blog must read it.
  • Reviewed by: ah869  on: 2020/2/11 14:26:43
    Yamato II is the best restaurant on earth. I have been proposed to twice there.
  • Reviewed by: fernandodiaz54  on: 2020/12/4 11:08:48
    do you sell Yamato Restaurant gift cards?
  • Reviewed by: brad  on: 2020/10/3 18:28:47
    Hi, I’m a local Port Melbourne resident and software developer. I have been building an online ordering system to help small businesses get online within hours and be able to take orders and manage them through an admin app. The service is 100% FREE and is a pay it forward initiative in order to help local small businesses make it through these tough times. The website is https://smoova.com to find out more. Feel free to give me a call on 0406 449 574 or drop me a mail if you are interested in using the service. Regards, Brad Pokroy brad@smoova.com 0406 449 574
  • Reviewed by: philippeantoine.bilodeau  on: 2020/10/26 11:31:34
    Hi, I’d like to make a reservation for a party of 2 at 7pm tonight (10/26) but no one is picking up the phone.
  • Reviewed by: joe.fri.  on: 2020/10/16 21:34:49
    I was part of an adult party of 6 & we were celebrating a special occasion. Everyone in the party was very disappointed with the service. Our waiters job tonight was avoiding our table, as if in a contest to see how few times he needed to came to the table. We could barely get an order in before he dashed off, and some of order never came. I thought the worst part of the dinner was when we ordered 3 ice creams that came in one dish...not very COVID conscious. When we asked for serving dishes we were brought dirty dishes that had large pieces of dried seaweed stuck to the bottom. The worst part was being forced to pay a built in gratuity for terrible service. Needless to say, we won’t return!
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