• Reviewed by: thegrandexchangeowner  on: 2024/7/17 23:06:29
    I have telepathy on the Statue of Liberty in New York, NY 10004! -Reginald Metellus
  • Reviewed by: chris.simonetta  on: 2024/5/24 8:28:33
    Hi there! Yesterday I left a voicemail about a reservation, but unfortunately missed your call. I'd like to confirm a reservation for next Tuesday, May 28th, at 12:15pm for 20 people under the name Zagaran. Thanks! -Chris
  • Reviewed by: charleecase  on: 2024/4/15 19:16:34
    Worst experience I have had in all of my restaurant experiences in the city. Honestly, we were rushed upon entering being told there was 50 minutes until last call (plenty of time to order food). After we ordered the papers were ripped from our hands and as the food came out it was basically thrown onto the table. After eating we were given the check which had an automatic gratuity on it which is typical for large parties of 6 or more however, we were not. When asked why or to see the menu in where this automatic gratuity policy was disclosed they wouldn’t show me and just kept telling me it was because we are a large party. I then requested for the gratuity to be removed since no explanation was being given and no policy was displayed - the check was thrown in our face and we were given an attitude, so unprofessional and if you want sushi Maki Maki is worth the drive because we will not be coming back here. such an unpleasant end to the night.
  • Reviewed by: smelly486  on: 2024/2/9 7:33:58
    I wish lunch menu will include Steak + Salmon for all you can eat
  • Reviewed by: pgyd71  on: 2024/2/22 7:25:03
    What broth you use in your noodle soup? I am veg. Can i get the vegi dumplings steamed? If i get the plain udon noodles can i get it with steamed tofu, broccoli, mushrooms, onions? No sauce.
  • Reviewed by: krkide3  on: 2024/2/12 19:47:58
    Hi, I have a severe peanut allergy. Do you use any peanuts at your restaurant?
  • Reviewed by: kharney09  on: 2024/1/9 19:28:58
    I’m frustrated that we were overcharged for our children’s meal today. Your servers could tell how tall our children were (they are 1.5 and 3.5 years old so small) and charged them the full child price (they offered us high chairs so knew they were not 4 ft tall!). I had vaguely remembered there was something special about kid pricing but my husband was dealing with the bill while I tended the children so I didn’t notice. Please make sure your employees uphold your own policies. We love Yamatos but that was frustrating.
  • Reviewed by: omgoptical  on: 2024/1/6 13:45:10
    When are you going to re-open
  • Reviewed by:   on: 2024/1/29 5:44:04
  • Reviewed by: info  on: 2023/8/31 7:23:38
    Good morning, I would like to know what covid safety measures you use to keep staff and the community safe? They could be masking, extra cleaning, making sure staff stay home when sick, cashless payments, ventilation upgrades, social distancing, take out & delivery. I am contacting local business to create a list of safe places for a group of local residents who are high risk or cautious about going out due to the risks of covid. Thank you and have a great day.
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