• Reviewed by: klcowher  on: 2016-01-31T15:46:26
    Hello,I visited your establishment (Yamato II in Boston) this Saturday, January 30th for the all-you-can-eat sushi lunch. I had previously visited your Brighton restaurant, where I enjoyed a very good meal and good service, so I was excited to try the Boston location. I had two friends visiting from out of town, and I had talked fondly of Yamato earlier, and they decided they wanted to try it during their visit (on Saturday).Unfortunately, I had one of the worst dining experiences ever. The hostess was incredibly rude, insisting that we could not stick one more chair onto a 4-person table to make it a 5-person table to accommodate our party – I have worked in the restaurant industry, and I know that this is a very common and easy request to accommodate. When I told her that we would wait out the 30 minute time frame she gave us as the wait time, I also asked if we could order an appetizer to enjoy. Instead of explaining why Yamato might be unable to accommodate this request, she simply said, “No”, and dismissed my question. When we finally got our table (over 30 minutes later), we waited a very long time before our first round of sushi orders came out – and even then, it was missing three rolls! We also waited an extremely long time after our second and final order, and both times, we had to stop our sever and ask if our order had been forgotten about. I thoroughly enjoy Yamato and its sushi offerings, but this experience really disappointed me and turned me off to the restaurant quite a bit. I can fully understand that lunch rushes can cause quite a chaotic scene in restaurants, but the rudeness and lack of service was unreasonable – restaurants are a part of the hospitality industry after all! I truly hope this was a fluke experience and that, if I choose to visit Yamato II again, I will find myself pleasantly surprised by the hospitality and service. Disappointed, Kelsey Cowherklcowher@gmail.com
  • Reviewed by: Sredish820  on: 2015-08-26T16:03:44
    I just recieved my food from you guys and my shrimps were over cooked and the lettuce in my salad was extremely rotten (I have pictures to prove it). That's extremely disgusting, and I'll appreciate if someone got back to me ... If not I will be going into the restaurant and speaking to the owner of the establishment.
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